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Hey DP I need your help :)

I'm looking to join like some of like book club or chocheting club or any other sort of fun club. Hopefully with weekly or semi-weekly meetings and cool people in their 20's? And would it be too much to hope such a thing exists in Vancouver?

Also open to any other ideas for not-so-expensive yet fun and involving chatting and socialization?


Where can I find...

I need a sturdy wooden chest large enough to house a few rifles and shotguns, as well as related items. Lockable, and not too hard to transport when necessary. Most chests I've seen lately look kind of cheap, and we'd like one that will last many years :)

Also, where can I find a high quality green laser pointer?

Lastly, anybody by chance looking to sell Lunar 2 for the PS1? I will pick up :)


Coffee People Fans?

If any Coffee People fans remember those awesome Road Tour mugs the company used to come out with, rejoice! They're back, kind of. The new owner has come out with what she calls Air Tour Mugs. The name change is of course due to the fact that the only remaining locations are in the airport. There is one location that is pre-security, right in the main food court. So if you want to get one of the mugs you can MAX your way in, or have your friends sit in the car outside while you run in to buy one, or if you're feeling up to, pay to park in the garage :)

I was given one as a gift, and being a former employee of Coffee People, I love it!


I made some tasty rice krispy treats for work for Easter. I made regular ones with a tiny bit of blue and green fruity pebbles thrown in, as well as an entire batch of them made from just fruity pebbles. They're delicious, and topped with bunny peeps :)

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The basket is super cool :) It's our new picnic basket! So where's cool in Vancouver to picnic?